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Interesting Guesses of iPhone 6

The press conference of iPhone 6 will be held in ninth, September, 2014. Is it true that seventy percent of net citizen are going to give up using iPhone which is reported facing the security of information problem. When iPhone 6 will be sold in public? What new functions it has? Apple fans may be interested in such topics. This article is written to sum up some guesses as followings:

iphone 6

About the press conference of Apple, what is sure is that the design of iPhone 6 will add the new function of NFC, which can help iPhone to be a mobile wallet like the function of other Android mobile phones.
Conventionally, the Apple Company will held press conference for their important products in mid-September. Therefore, it is widely assumed that iPhone 6 will be shown on public in mid-September. However, one source closed to the company said that the press conference of iPhone 6 will be advanced to ninth, September.
On June 3, iPhone 6 did not make its first appearance to the public on WWDC. And this time, will Apple Company disappoint its fans again?
Recode.net quoted the informed personnels that the Apple Company will hold events to make iPhone 6 to the public. This news was confirmed by The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg News and so on. But from the web MacRumors, iPhone 6 will be released on sixteenth, September and sale on market on fourteenth, October. This news originates from the retail outlets of Apple.
If the news that Apple Company will hold conference on ninth, September was true, the company will sending the invite email to the mass media two weeks advanced.
It is said that iPhone Air (4.7 inch screen) will be first shown, but it may not attractive enough for customers. Therefore, this iPhone version will use QuantumDot screen, which use quantum physics technique to make LED screen own the high-saturation primary colors feature. It will not only help to intensify colour field by forty percent to fifty percent, but also the energy efficiency will raise fifteen percent to twenty percent.

iphone air

As the date to see iPhone 6 is at the corner, more and more components of iPhone 6 are known by the public. A website seemed to get the front glass panel of iPhone 6. It is on the real phone but not a mode. From the picture, we can see there are white and black these two colours of the glass panel. The esthetic lines of the panel design is a striking evidence for saying that iPhone 6 will adopt the design of iPod touch.
According to the further information, Apple Company will put iPhone 6 in September as usual. However, it is not the iPhone Pro as we excepted but iPhone Air will be come out first. In addition, the material of the screen will still use the glass as before instead sapphire glass.

1.How many versions of the new generations of iPhone will come out?
It was reported that the Apple Company will release two kind of iPhone. One is iPhone Air (4.7 inch screen), and the other is iPhone Pro (5.5 inch screen). Nevertheless, the reported was not confirmed by Apple. Most reports say that iPhone Air will go on market earlier than iPhone Pro. Besides, iPhone 6 will be equipped with sapphire glass screen which is more sturdy and wearable.

2. Is the NFC transmission function will be available in iPhone 6?
The Apple Company are trying to add NFC function in their latest iPhone, but they give up this function because of the Immature mobile paying system. What is sure is that, NFC transmission function will be available in iPhone 6, which can help iPhone to be a mobile wallet.

3. Can we expect that the speed of LFT Wireless Connect will be faster?
iPhone 5 serial only has Category4LTE wireless function, while iPhone 6 is provided with internet connect speed of 150M. According to the informed personnels, iPhone 6 will have Category6LTE wireless function whose internet connect speed can reach to 300M a second.

iphone pro

4. Can it be charged wirelessly?
At the beginning of the year, Samsung reached an contract with A4WP, created by Qualcomm, and PMA to ensure this two equipments can fit each other’s standard. According to previous reports, Apple Company prepares to use one of them, but which one is not decided. May be we can find answer on ninth, September in the conference. What is more, as the informed people, iPhone 6 will have a layer under the cabinet. This layer can transmit power by connecting to an induction charging layer.

5. 6V charger?
Samsung once doubted the power endurance of iPhone and iPhone 6 may solve this problem. From a file of patent application of Apple Company, iOS may be equipped with charger with the output voltage from six to twenty in the future, which means 5V charger will be challenged and mobile phones can be charged more quickly. We can except to own this new charger in this autumn on the conference of iPhone 6.

6. Will the application of Apple Mobile Wallet go public at the same time?
After Apple Company came up with the function of identifying by fingerprinting, some people said that the Apple is developing mobile payment tools to make users pay by fingerprinting both in real shop and online shop. According to media reports, the Apple have developed the software and negotiating with the outer paying companies. Apple Company said mobile wallet will be published as early as autumn with iPhone 6.

7. Can we meet iPhone 6 and iWatch simultaneously?
A number of Medias once have guessed that iPhone 6 and iWatch will go public simultaneously. iPhone 6 are expected shown on ninth, September and their first type of wearable intelligent device may appeared at the same time.

8. Which country or district will see the new iPhone first?
Ten days after the press conference, iPhone 5s was sold on America, Canada, China, French, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Puerto Rico, Singapore, and England etc. If the practice is followed, the date of release will be nineteenth, September this year. But according to web MacRumors quoted from retail outlets of Apple, iPhone 6 will be released on sixteenth, September and sale on market on fourteenth, October.

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