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How to Use iTunes to Quickly Organize Apps on iPad

Recently, iTunes has shown a nice icon for us if you upgrade iTunes on your PC, which attracts many Apple fans. However, not all people know how to make full use of iTunes which provides a large database for iPad users to enjoy music and videos and integrates music, apps, podcast, TV shows, iTunes U, ringtones, etc. together. It is more convenient to access or manage our favorite apps and settings on iPad using iTunes than using iPad directly. Some tips are presented here to use iTunes to quickly organize the apps on iPad.

Step 1. Connect iPad to iTunes on Computer
At first, download and install iTunes on computer. Then, connect your iPad to iTunes with USB cable and choose device icon on the upper side. Move to “Apps” under “Summary” tab.

iTunes Apps Screen

Step 2. Organize Apps on iPad with iTunes

Part 1. Sort Apps on iPad

Click the box under “Apps”, which maybe presented with “Sort by Name”. Select the condition by which you’d like to sort and tick it.

Sort Apps

Part 2. Install Apps on iPad

1.When you view the apps on the right side on the “Apps” list, you press “Install” to let this app on your home screen on iTunes.

Install Apps

2.On the other hand, you could drag the app icon to the home screen on the left side. Thus, it will appear on the screen.

Drag to Install Apps

Part 3. Create A New Folder for Apps

To create a new folder to classify the apps on iPad as well as on iTunes would allow your iPad more personalized. Just drag the app icon to another app until the following interface comes to you and you can give it a new name for the folder.

Create A New Folder

Part 4. Manage your iPad Home Screen

1.Add A New Home Screen
Click “+” icon on the upper-right corner so that you can gain a new screen which allows you add apps on it.

Add Home Screen

2.Adjust the Order of Screens
If you are tired of the first home screen, iTunes offer you a way to change the screen order. Use your mouse to drag certain screen to your favorite position. As you can see, two screens on iPad has exchanged after dragging Page 2 to Page 1.

Change Home Screen

Finish Changing Home Screen

3.Enlarge Home Screen on iTunes
With double clicks on a page, you can zoom in on this screen to view the apps clearly.

Enlarge Home Screen

Step 3. Apply the Changes on Apps
What you edit about the apps on iPad can not complete without pressing “Apply” on the bottom of the interface.

Apply Changes on iTunes

At this time, you can check whether the apps on your iPad home screen have adjusted. Actually, to organize these apps on iPad is OK but to manage them using iTunes can quickly organize your iPad well.

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