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iPhone Internet Not Working

I just bought the iPhone 5s today. I cannot access the cellular data network. I have enough data left for the month but for some reason when I am not connecting to Wi-Fi I can't get on safari or anything else. Please help. I have tried restarting my phone and resetting the network settings also. Nothing is working. Please help.

internet not working on iphone

Reports show that many iPhone users have problems with slow speed or disconnect to Wi-Fi networks. For anyone who has jailbroken or unlocked his iPhone may encounter this problem.
Here is the problem that annoying iPhone users, you can get some useful information once you becomes the unfortunate man.

Wi-Fi is Not Working
Some iPhone users complaint that he cannot connect his iPhone to Wi-Fi any longer after updating it to the latest version of iOS 10. And this issue always occurs when installing the new iOS too. Once facing this problem, you can reset your network settings on your iPhone by following the tips here: How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone. In a word, you can set your iPhone network by going to "Settings > General > Reset > Reset All Settings > Reset all Settings".

iphone internet not working

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