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iPhone 5s Data Recovery: Recover Lost Data on iPhone 5s

With an upgrade mark "s", iPhone 5s brings a lot of under-the-hood changes that make the whole experience of using the device much faster and more responsive. Unquestionably, the outstanding features of the iPhone 5s are its newest hardware inclusions and upgrades, namely Touch ID, the M7 motion co-processor, 64-bit architecture and the all-new iSight camera. These are not only what differentiate it from the previous iPhone 5, but justify its place as the flagship iPhone when compared to the iPhone 5c.

For many iPhone 5s users, in case of losing your brand new iPhone 5s data, you should take precautions to backup your private and important data. iPhone 5s data recovery software, to be introduced below, allows you to make a good backup of your iPhone 5s as well as recover the lost data of iPhone 5s.

iPhone Data Recovery provides you two ways to recover lost data on iPhone 5s: directly scan your iPhone 5s and extract the iTunes backup file of your iPhone 5s. The former way is great when you accidentally deleted some important data on your iPhone 5s and want to retrieve it later.

Download the free and trial version of it to have a try!

Tutorial 1: Recover Data Directly from Your iPhone 5s

Step 1. Connect to your computer and start scan your iPhone 5s
Download the software and connect your iPhone 5s to the computer, you will get a window shown as below.
iphone 5s data recovery
Click "Start Scan" button, your iPhone 5s starts to be scanned and the scanning window looks like below.
recover lost data from iphone 5s
Step 2. Preview and recover data of your iPhone 5s
Finishing the scan, you can preview all the found data in the scan result. Just click the categories on the left and check them one by one. Choose the itemsyou want to recover and click "Recover" to save them on your computer.
iphone 5s recovery
Note: This is the whole steps of Recover data directly from your iPhone 5s, hope it can satisfy you. If not, you can get a rough idea of the second choice in the contents below: Extract the iTunes backup of your iPhone 5s to retrieve previous data, it provides you an alternative method to Recover Lost Data on iPhone 5s.

Tutorial 2: Extract the iTunes Backup of Your iPhone 5s to Retrieve Previous Data

Step 1. Export the iTunes backup of your iPhone 5s
Launching the iPhone 5s data recovery software on your computer, click "Recover from iTunes Backup File" on the top of the window. You’ll get the interface below. All your iTunes backup files on the computer are listed there automatically. Choose the one for your iPhone 5s and click "Start Scan" to begin extracting it.
recover photos from iphone 5s
Step 2. Preview and recover data for your iPhone 5s
After the previous steps, you can get a list of all the found data displayed as categories in the scan result. What you should do the next is checking them one by one and picking up the items that you want back.
iphone 5s recovery software
iPhone 5s data recovery software works easy and effective, everybody can operate it with minimum effort. Once you deleted your data in your latest iPhone 5s, you can get a sense of solace from iPhone 5s data recovery.

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