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How to Fix an iPad Stuck on Zoom-in Mode

"My iPad got stuck on zoom-in mode suddenly, but I don’t know how to zoom out. My son played it last night, so I think he might tap somewhere unconsciously. I hate this interface which is embarrassing. Hope for some tips to fix this zoom-in mode of my iPad. "

Zoom feature has been configured in iPad in order to provide convenience to some people who want to enlarge the screen to view, but sometimes, it makes the users so frustrated. Because this feature is used scarcely, so there are few people aware of its usage and solution.

Solution 1. Double-Taps iPad Screen with Three Fingers

When you see the embarrassing zoom-in screen on your iPad, the easiest way to return it to the normal size is to tap the screen twice with your three fingers at the same time.

Solution 2. Triple-Click Home Button

In addition, tapping the home button three times swiftly also works for fixing iPad stuck in zoom mode. If it can’t work, try to check whether you have set this feature.
To set this feature, you need to move to “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” and swipe down to find “Accessibility Shortcut” to set triple-click the home button for “Zoom” so that you can enter it with tapping three times and exit it with another triple-clicks rapidly.

Triple-Click Home Button

Select Zoom on Accessibility Shortcuts

Tips: How to Turn off Zoom on iPad

Actually, zoom-in mode is turned on to bring you convenient experience but some troubles may come with it. Thus, it is in need to turn off zoom to avoid meeting with the situation of zooming in.
Tap “Settings” > “General” > “Accessibility” to find out “Zoom” to turn off it with tapping the switch as below.

Turn off Zoom on iPad

Close Zoom on iPad

In this way, you can exit zoom-in mode rapidly so you can use zoom feature practically and it is no need to worry about how to get it back to the normal status.

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