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[Fix] iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

I recently tried to update my iPad mini. After I did it, the iPad mini stuck in recovery mode not getting past it and none of my computers will recognize it other than as "iPad". It says that I have to restore it before I can use it with iTunes but when I try to do so, some type of error code comes up and it won’t let me restore it. So my iPad mini is stuck in recovery mode and won’t display anything but the "connect to iTunes". How do I reset and start over? Who can help me out of this trouble? Can apple repair my iPad that is locked in restore mode?

When updating the iOS to iOS 7 and iOS 8, many iPad users may have encountered this trouble. Maybe you ever met such a condition: one day when you want to check some notes on your iPad Air, you just find your iPad stuck in recovery mode! It is so terrible since the data on your iPad Air may risk losing! Since the data on your device are very important, you need to fix your iPad stuck in recovery mode issues whatever after reset, jailbreak or iOS 8 upgrade. After reading this article, the next time when it happens, there is no need to be worried about it, if you are equipped with iPad Data Recovery software. iPad Data Recovery software can help you get rid of recovery mode on the iPad Air 2/mini within a few minutes.

Download the free and trial version of it and have a try with it now.

Tutorial 1: How to Get Out of Recovery Mode for iPad

Method 1 Get Out of Recovery Mode with iPad Data Recovery
Step 1. Connect iPad to the Computer, and then Launch the Program

Step 2. Different Interfaces of iPad Data Recovery for Wins
If you use iPad Data Recovery for Windows, you will see the program's window below. Click "Restart" and you can solve this issue in a few minutes.

iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

Step 3. As long as the iPad get restarted, it will return to normal again

Method 2 Get Out of Recovery Mode In Another Way
Step 1. Run iPad Data Recovery
Download and install iPad Data Recovery on your computer, and then click "More Tools" > "iOS System Recovery". Connect your iPad to computer with light cable, and click "Start".

iOS System Recovery Intro

Note: Your iPad will be updated to the latest version after restoring.

Step 2. Confirm Phone Model and Download Firmware Package
After confirming the abnormal state of your iPad, you will get an interface as below. The info of your device will be displayed and you need to make sure the presented info match the current iPad you want to fix. Then the program will download a suitable firmware package for your specific iPad. When everything is done, tap "Repair" to continue.

Check Detected Device Info

Step 3. Get iPad Out Of Recovery Mode
Now, just wait a minute and keep the network connection during the fixing process to make sure the program run smoothly. Do not disconnect your iPad is also important. Your iPad will reboot and get back to normal state after the fixed process.

Keep Internet Connected

Note: This is the whole steps of fix iPad stuck in recovery mode issue, hope it can satisfy you. If not, you can get a rough idea of the second choice in the contents below: How to Recover Data from iPad directly, it provides you an alternative method to Recover Lost Data When iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode after Update.

Tutorial 2: How to Recover Data from iPad Directly?

Step 1. Scan your iPad
This software supports all kinds of iPad. If yours is iPad Air, iPad with Retina display, iPad mini, the new iPad or iPad 2, the program's window will be as follows. You only need to click "Start Scan"to find data on your iPad.

iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

If you are an iPad 1 user, you need to download a plug-in first, and then enter into the iPad scanning mode to scan all the data. You can choose "Advanced Mode" in this interface:

Advanced Mode

Step 2. Preview and Recover Data on your iPad
After the scanning, you can get all the data found. Choose what you want to recover and click "Recover"to save them on your computer with just one click.

Recover and Save Data

Note: To avoid losing, you'd better back up your iPad data by making a backup file of it to your computer either manually or using trusty backup software. Thus, you won’t be at a loss the next time you encountered the issues alike.

Tutorial 3: How to Recover Data from iTunes Backup Files

Step 1. Choose iTunes Backup File to Start Scan
Here we click the "Recover from iTunes Backup File" mode.Then the data will be presented with the device name, serial number and syncing time. Select your iTunes backup file for your iPad and click "Start Scan".

Recover from iTunes Backup File

Step 2. Scan and Extract your iTunes Backup File
If you've ever synced more than one iOS device with iTunes on your computer, like iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, there will be several backup files. Choose the one for your iPad and click "Start Scan" to extract it.

Fix iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

Step 3. Start to Recover iPad Data
Now all previous contents in the iTunes backup are scanned out and displayed as original. You can preview and check to recover your deleted iPad notes, photos, videos, contacts or calendar, and so forth. Then hit "Recover" and save them.

Start to Recover iPad Data

Tutorial 4: How to Recover Data from iCloud Backup Files

Step 1.Install the Program and Sign your iCloud Account
First of all, run the program and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File", and sign in your iCloud account as it requires to proceed.

Recover from iCloud Backup File

Step 2.Download and Export your iCloud Backup
After entering the program, you are provided the backup files of your iCloud backup account automatically. Choose any data you want to recover by clicking "Download" button. The whole progress of downloading depends on the amount of your data.

When the download process is complete, click the same button to start extracting, and you'll get a interface as below.

Start Extracting

Step 3.Preview and Restore iPad from iCloud
You can take a preview of the data you get after the scanning, such as contacts, photos, messages, notes, videos, etc. You can choose any data that you'd like to restore by ticking it.

iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

Nicely done! By following the above steps, you now have all those data back. Please bear in mind that you should back up your iPad mini, iPad Air, iPad with retina display regularly in order to avoid data lost. Otherwise, even though you ask whether you can recover photos if my iPad is frozen on recovery mode many times, you can not get data back. By the way, if you have iPhone or iPod, you can make full use of iPad Data Recovery which also works well to solve iPhone stuck in recovery mode and iPod stuck in recovery mode issue you cannot miss it.

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