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iPad Gestures Guide

When I bought my new iPad Air 2 which is my first time to use iPad, so to manually operate it smoothly is my big headache. How can I get the iPad gestures introduction?

Generally, it is not difficult to work out this headache, if you can spend a little time to read the gestures guide for iPad, so no matter iPad Mini, iPad Air or the future iPad Pro, you can get a grip on them successfully.

Part 1. Basic Gestures with One/Two Finger

Slide up and down
Swipe down on the iPad scree when you glance over a web page, so you can gain more information. As the pics shown below, you can scroll down to view news on the bottom as the left image, while swiping up can go back to the top information as the right one.

Gestures Slide up and down

Scroll from Side to Side
To view the previous or the next page, swipe from left to right or swipe from right to left. It is very simple to skip the photos or web pages.

Gestures Slide for the Next

Pinch the Screen for Zooming
Images or the web page interfaces can be enlarged with pinching the screen. Put your thumb and index finger on the field you want to amplify and then, move them apart. If you tend to pinch in to the original size, move the two fingers together.

Gestures Pinch for Zoom

Notes: You also can use your two thumbs to operate. On the other hand, double tap on the area of the picture can also achieve zoom and another double tap can return. However, if you move your fingers apart from the original size, it will go back to the last interface.

Click the Top Menu to the Top Part of Pages
There are two ways back to the top of pages: swipe up with one finger directly but it wastes time in the pages with long lists; and click the top menu which is on the same line with the battery gauge which just need one step to where you want to reach.

Gestures Click Top Menu

Swipe down at the Home Screen for Spotlight
Any home page allows you to find out Spotlight search with swiping down on the home screen. Thus, you can search what you’d like on your iPad.

Gestures for Spotlight

Slide from the Top for Notification
Slide from the top of the screen in order to present Notification. At this time, you can be aware of what you would do and what is happening on you iPad.

Gestures for Notifications

Slide from the Bottom for Control Panel
Control panel will appear after you scroll from the bottom of the screen, which allows you set or adjust some normal setting.

Gestures for Control Panel

Part 2. Multiple-Finger Gestures

Four-Finger Swipe up for Multitasking
Double clicking iPad home button for multitasking bar can be replaced by swiping up with four finger together, so the recent used pages and functions will be shown.

Gestures for Multitasking

Four-Finger Slide from Side to Side for Navigation Apps
You can move to previous apps with four-finger moving left or right. Move to the left to get back the last apps and move to right to the next one.

Gestures for Navigation Apps

Five-Finger Gather back to Home Screen
It is common to return to home screen with pressing home button, but there is an easy way with your five fingers to grab together towards the center pivot.

Gestures for Home Screen

These gestures can make your finger flexible and protect the home button in some extent. Moreover, the shortcut of iPad gestures can give you hand to be an good iPad user, and you can share these with your friends.

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