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What to Do When iPad Freezes up

Just now, I enjoyed playing games on my iPad with opening lots of apps at the same time. Suddenly, my iPad Air didn’t respond as I was passing the barrier, and I tries to press the home button but in vain. How to solve this trouble? I need eagerly my iPad now. Help, please!

That is a request for help from an iPad user from a forum. Actually, not only for him, but also for lots of iDevice users, what to do when iPad freezes would make you on the edge at that moment. Calm down at first and come along with the following guidelines.

Part 1. Reboot your iPad

Hold down the home button and power button at the top edge of your iPad simultaneously with at least 10 seconds until Apple logo comes out. At this point, your iPad restarts and you can use it as usual.

Restart iPad

Notes: Before you follow this way, try to power off your iPad with pressing power button only and then, power it on. If it still freezes up, come along with the way above.

Part 2. Fix with iPad frozen via iTunes

In the process of rebooting, there is still a red or blue screen, which tells you that to simply restart your iPad is useless, so it is time to fix this freezing with iTunes.
Step 1. Connect your iPad to iTunes
Connect your iPad to computer and open iTunes. Press home button and power button until “Connect to iTunes” icon comes. That is to say, your iPad enter Recovery Mode.

Connect to iTunes

Step 2. Update iOS
When the interface asks you to restore or upgrade your iPad, select “Update” to update your iPad operating system.

Update iOS

Notes: Your iPad can exit Recovery Mode if this updating takes over 15 minutes. Please follow these two steps again. When your iPad is still into this Mode, you'd better search for some pratical tools to get your iPad out of Recovery Mode.

In common cases, these two methods are conducive to making your iPad respond. If the worse case comes, for example, iTunes cannot recognize your iPad or iPad stuck in black all the time, turn to Apple support to ask for help.

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