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How to Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac

"How do I see and access the iPhone contacts on my Mac? Is there a better way to import contacts from iPhone to Mac, please? By the way, I use iPhone 6s and my Macbook runs Mac OS X 10.10."
It's common that iOS users need to import contacts from iPhone to Mac for various reasons. There are many useful ways for you to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac. But today, I will show you an efficient and risk-free way to transfer contacts between iPhone and Mac with the help of iPhone Transfer.

iPhone Transfer for Mac, a powerful program designed to help iOS users with the data managing issues, helps you import contacts from iPhone to Mac with only few steps. With iPhone Transfer, your contacts can be transfer to Mac and saved them as vCard files, CSV files Outlook or Window Address Book with merely 2 or 3 steps. Besides, you can edit contacts, merge duplicate contacts or even back up iPhone contacts with only one click.

Download iPhone Transfer on your Mac and follow the steps below:

How to Import iPhone Contacts to Mac

Step 1. Launch iPhone Transfer on Mac and connect iPhone to Mac
Download iPhone Transfer on your Macbook. Then, launch it after the installation. When you see the home screen of the software, connect your iPhone 6s to the computer with USB cable. Then, within few seconds, your iPhone will be detected by the program and the phone detail including phone model, capacity, version and serial number will be shown.

iPhone Transfer for Mac

Note: Click "More Info" to see more detail info of your iPhone.

Step 2. Import Contacts from iPhone to Mac
As you can see in the screenshot, all your data are analyzed and listed in category on the left panel. Click "Contacts" on the left and all the contacts will be placed in alphabetical order. You can check and tick whatever contacts you want. Then click "Export Selected Contacts" and choose a format you want them to be saved on your Mac including "to CSV File", "to vCard File" and "to Multiple vCard Files".

Export iPhone Contacts to Mac

Note: You can also check and merge the duplicate contacts with iPhone Transfer as well: Click "De-duplicate" then the software will automatically search for duplicate contacts and merge them.

Merge Duplicate Contacts for iPhone

With only two steps, you can import iPhone contacts to Mac with ease. iPhone Transfer is a worth-recommending program because it not only supports iPhone contacts transfer, but also allows iPhone users to transfer photos, videos, music, text messages and books to Mac with the similar steps. Just download the software and enjoy it on your own.

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