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How to Import eBooks to iBook

More and more people love to read eBook because it is cheaper than printed book and you can read eBook anytime anywhere without taking the heavy books with you. Today, I will show you how to import eBooks to iBook on your iPad.

Part 1. Import eBook to iBook via iTunes

Step 1. Open iTunes and Connect iPad
Make sure that the latest iTunes are installed on your computer and connect your iPad to the computer using USB cable. Then prepare for the ebooks in ePub and PDF format.

Step 2. Add New ePub/PDF to iTunes
a. Add ePub/PDF
After launching iTunes, tap "File" on the top left corner and then click "Add File to Library" if it's the first time you add new eBooks to your iTunes. And there will pop up a window asking you to choose and add the ePub and PDF file into iTunes from your computer folder. After the selection, click "Open" and it's added.

Add Files to iTunes Library

b. Check added ePub/PDF on iTunes
Then, you can check your iTunes to see whether it is added. Tap the "" icon in the toolbar and in the drop-down list, you will find a "Books" option.

Find Book Category on iTunes

Click it and you will see that the books you just added has been shown in "My books" option on iTunes.

Book Added to iTunes Library
Step 3. Sync New Books to iPad through iTunes
After making sure that the new ePub and PDF files are added to your iTunes, you can sync them to your iPad now!
1. Tap the 5th icon on the top, which looks like a phone. Then, the device info will be listed.
2. Click "Books" under the settings list.
3. Tick the "Sync books" box.
4. Choose the books you would like to sync to your iPad.
5. Tap "Apply" in the bottom right corner of the iTunes and wait for the process.

Sync Book from iTunes to iPad

Step 4. Preview eBook on iPad
After the eBooks synced to your iPad successfully, you can preview them on your iPad. Just open the iBook and you will see the new books added to your iBook library with a blue "New" on the top right corner of the book.

eBook Synced on iPad

Part 2. Alternative for iTunes to Import eBook

However, as iTunes is not that easily used, many iPad users are trying to find an easier way to move iBooks on computer to their iPad. iPhone Transfer is such an simple but helpful program that can help you. Only two steps can finish the transmission. Besides, iPhone Transfer can show user others funtions:

1.Back up iPhone, iPad to PC.
2.Transfer other data, including videos, contacts and more to computer.
3.Export files from computer to iPad.

Add Book to Device

That's it. If you want to know more about how to use iBook, or you want other basic settings tutorial for your iPad, you can follow us. The iPad basic settings tutorials are kept on in process.

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