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How to Set up and Use iCloud Drive on the iPad

iOS 8 has brought many beneficial apps for iPad users, like iCloud Drive which provides a platform to allow you to deal with your files on iOS devices. With it, you could save Keynotes, Pages, Number, images, PDF, text editor, etc. on iCloud. However, it contains merely 5G storage and you can subscribe other plans to enlarge the storage space with at least $3.99 per month. For better managing iCloud Drive on your iPad Mini 3/iPad Air 2, to set up and use iCloud Drive play vital role.

How to Set up iCloud Drive on iPad

Tap "Settings" > "iCloud" > "iCloud Drive" to turn on the ON/OFF toggle. At this time, your iCloud Drive has been opened so that you can deal with related files with it.

Set up iCloud Drive

Turn on iCloud Drive

Notes: You will be asked to upgrade iCloud Drive when you enter it at the first time.

How to Use iCloud Drive on iPad

Actually, iCloud Drive cannot be accessed on iPad as well as iPhone unless you buy and download iCloud Opener, but iCloud Drive can edit the apps which are compatible with it.
1.Move to "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Storage" > "Manage Storage" to view your iOS backup files and some document data.

Manage iCloud Drive

2.Select an app/document on the "Documents & Data" list, and then, press "Edit" on the upper-right side. You can remove this file with choosing "Delete All".

Edit on iCloud Drive

Delete File on iCloud Drive

How to Access iCloud Drive

Even though iCloud Drive cannot be reached directly without iCloud Opener, you can access it on Mac or Window PC.
1. Launch www.icloud.com on PC with Apple ID and passcode. Click "iCloud Drive" on the interface.

Access iCloud Drive

2. Select a file to edit or preview as you like. When you add or remove a file on iCloud Drive on web page, it will be changed on your iOS device also.

Edit File on iCloud Drive

With the help of iCloud Drive, not only can you revise a file on your iPad Mini/iPad Air, but also edit it on Mac/PC. iOS 8 has contributed such a convenient masterpiece. Hope for iOS 9 to bring more benefit for iPad users!

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