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How to Restore WhatsApp Data with iCloud

WhatsApp, as a kind of social tools to allow people communicate closely, is becoming more and more popular. You can share messages, pictures, video and audio with your friends via this app. However, it owns numerous data which may fade away due to the increase of cache memory. Therefore, how to backup and restore WhatsApp data is meaningful.

How to Backup your WhatsApp Data with iCloud

Step 1. Enter WhatsApp Setting
Firstly, you must find out WhatsApp "Setting" > "Chat Setting" as the screen shown below.

WhatsApp Setting

Step 2. Select Backup Manually
Then, you need to choose "Chat Backup" to enter the next interface. Tap on "Back Up Now" and wait for its backing up for several minutes which depends on your chat memory.

WhatsApp Chat Backup WhatsApp Backing Up

Notes: If you tend to allow it back up automatically, you can select "Auto Backup" and choose the frequency. Moreover, videos are not included in the iCloud Backup.

How to Restore your WhatsApp Messages with iCloud

After you redownload a new WhatsApp, you will see the screen below and need to input the same phone number as the one that you used when you backed up. Then, move on "Restore Chat History" to let it download your messages on your iPhone.

Enter Phone Number Restore from iCloud

Notes: Besiede to use iCloud to recover WhatsApp data, there is another approach for you to solve this problem. You can utilize iPhone Data Recovery to download your iCloud backup files, and then use it to recover iPhone WhatsApp messages with iCloud. It is different from other software as you can check the data on computer and print the WhatsApp history after recovering.

At this moment, your WhatsApp history is copied and restored on your iDevice with iCloud so that you can extract some useful data anytime with Wi-Fi. Thus, the WhatsApp users can rest easy with it.

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