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How to Hide Secret Photos on iPhone

As an advanced smart phone, yet iPhone has a long way to go in protecting privacy. If we can not limit others to see the photos on our iPhone, we can not protect our privacy. However, how to hide or even delete photos from iPhone without third-party apps? Let me show you.

Step 1. Open the photo library on your iPhone

Step 2. Tap the photo that you want to keep a secret.


Step 3. Tap the “Edit” at the top of right corner.

Step 4. Choose “Crop” tool at the bottom of right corner.

crop photos

Step 5. Drag the corners of the cropping box inside toward top-left corner such that the photo is too big to see clearly inside that box.

drag photos

Step 6. Click “Crop” button at the top of right corner.

Step 7. Save the cropped version and your photo has been hidden now. Even this photo is found by others, they will not know what it really is.

Step 8. If you want to restore the cropped photo, you can open this cropped photo and edit, crop it again. Drag the photo in the box toward top-right corner until the original photo is shown, and then crop and save it.

If you are still worried about the secret photos exposed by accident, you can transfer photos from iPhone to computer by using iPhone Transfer in order to prevent someone from viewing. It is the good method to keep secret photos so that you can make a try.

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