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Should You Get AppleCare+ for Your New iPad?

Try to imagine if you buy iPad Pro, what will you do with your new beloved? Of course, to set up a new iPad is necessary, but would you care about its insurance to protect the new iPad? AppleCare+ which provides you with one-stop services and technical support from Apple so that you just have a phone call to solve most problems, should be considered to get for your iPad Pro/iPad Air/iPad Mini. As a new iPad user to purchase AppleCare+, you must have numerous problems about it. Now, let's come to have a look at these protection plans!

What's difference between AppleCare+ and AppleCare for iPad?
AppleCare and AppleCare+ protection plan both support accidents protection within a certain time. Compared with AppleCare, AppleCare+ for iPad has extended the warranty to two years from the date when you purchase and added up two incidents of accidental damage. Thus, AppleCare+ is more expensive than AppleCare, which is up to $99 from $69 to only pay for the repairing and replacing fee so $49 service fee for each incident is not included.

AppleCare+ AppleCare

Notes: You can purchase AppleCare+ for iPad from Apple store.

Is AppleCare+ worth it?
Because it costs more than AppleCare, many users doubt its value and availability. Every coin has two sides, so does AppleCare+.
Pros: Two-year limited warranty and iOS software supports allows iPad users to get protection. Besides, you can repair or replace your iPad if it is damaged accidentally with AppleCare+ protection plan which can be transferred to another iPad owners so that the resale value of your iPad is increased. It also gives various ways for technical support: Direct access to Apple Experts; Mail-in repair; Carry-in repair and Express replacement service.
Cons: Apple forces iPad users to purchase AppleCare+ within 30 days of purchase. Besides, some users against AppleCare+ think that the higher price with $99 and additional service fee $49 for each incident are not so reasonable, which is only available for only two incidents of accidental damage. Actually, iPad doesn't bear equally high risk of accidental damage as iPhone.

iPad Pic

Does AppleCare+ cover water damage?
Most people enjoy playing iPad while drinking. However, it is possible to get your iPad into liquid carelessly, at this time, you must get it out of water firstly. What's worse, if it goes wrong, how should you do? It is natural to think about warranty or AppleCare protection plan, but water damage isn't covered by them, while AppleCare+ can cover liquid damage with additional $49.

iPad Stuck in Water Damage

All in all, whether you should buy AppleCare+ is up to you, but some misunderstanding need to be made clear, for example, when to buy, how to buy, how long it last, etc. If you are the one who wants to keep new iPad more than one year and doesn't get your iOS device into accident easily, AppleCare+ is wonderful for you. Otherwise, you may consider other ways to get insurance. So according your situation, would you get AppleCare+ for your new iPad or will you adopt any other ways to give your future iPad insurance?

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