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How to Free Up Space on iPhone

Generally, people clean up their iPhones by tapping Settings - General - Usage, or deleting data or Apps on iPhone directly. But through downloading and removing softwares, syncing with iTunes on the desktop, surfing on the Internet, we find iPhone’s storage can be quickly full again, leaving us to do endless tasks of clearing. Many would wonder what eats up iPhone space despite that they do not install or import files of large sizes.
Actually, the deleted data is not truly deleted at all. It takes up storage and makes iPhone work inefficiently. It's not much helpful for freeing up if only wiping data on iPhone directly. At that time, you should use iPhone Data Eraser, a professional software designed for erasing photos, videos, apps, contacts, messages, and other data. After cleaned by it, iPhone will be freed up much more storage and, of course, works much quickly. What's more, the steps are very easy. The following part is going to show the details of measures.

Download and have a try.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone

Step 1. Install iPhone Data Eraser and connect iPhone with the computer
Download and launch the iPhone Data Eraser on the computer first. Then connect iPhone to your computer with a cable. Entering the software, your iPhone can be detected automatically.
delete all messages on iphone

Step 2. Choose "Express Cleanup"
When your iPhone is recognized, a window will pop up. You can see a catalogue displayed on the left of the window, and choose "Express Cleanup". Then click "Start Scan" button.
how to free up storage on iphone

Step 3. Erase data on iPhone
After scan is finished, a list of files will appear on the window. You can preview the files first, to ensure whether they need deleting. The ticked ones will be deleted completely. Clicking "Erase Now" button means they will never be recovered.
freeing up space on iphone
When the whole process of cleaning is finished, useless files no longer take up storage of iPhone, freeing up space for other installment and operation. You will feel much better because your iPhone works so quickly, and do not worry about "crash" caused by full storage.
iPhone Data Eraser can make your iPhone always clean and efficient because the it can not only delete reminders but also photos, browsing history, caches, contacts, call history, ect. By the way, I want to remind you one more time: the data, deleted through iPhone Data Eraser, is possibly restored no matter by what kind of recovery software.

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