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Forgot iPhone Passcode - How to Unlock iPhone Passcode

Oh, my Christ Jesus. How should I forget my iPhone passcode? I still can't believe it. What should I do now? How can I fix it after trying times of the wrong passcodes again and again? I have to wait for minutes to try another passcodes. Who can save me from this difficult situation?

Numbers of iPhone users have asked about "forgot iPhone passcode" issues but hardly receiving any official and practical responses. So do I. After searching and trying lots of tips and methods from the Internet, finally I collect three very useful ways of fixing forgetting iPhone passcode problems. They works in different situations, you should try them accordingly and pointedly.

Tutorial 1: Recover iPhone data, if it has been synced with iTunes

As long as you back up iPhone previously to iTunes, there are chances for you to unlock iPhone passcode and restore iPhone from iTunes backup files.
Step 1. As usual, connect your iPhone to computer via a USB cable, pay attention that this computer should be the one that you have synced with before. Launch your iTunes then.
Step 2. The feature of this method lies in that iTunes will automatically sync your iPhone to this computer and create a backup. If it fails, you need to sync iTunes to computer manually. Click View > Show Sidebar, your iPhone will show up in the left sidebar.
Step 3. When finishing the sync, just click "Restore iPhone" as it asks. Then you can successfully reset iPhone passcode by clicking "Restore Backup".

Restore iCloud

Tutorial 2: Erase iPhone data, if it hasn't ever been synced with iTunes

This method is appropriate for no iTunes backup files users, or for anyone who cannot fetch the computer at this moment. All need to do now is to put iPhone into recovery mode.
Step 1. Shut down your iPhone by pressing and holding the "Power" button for a while.
Step 2. Connect your iPhone to computer via an iPhone USB cable and press and hold the "Home" button.
Step 3. Only when you see the "Connect to iTunes" screen on iPhone, can you stop pressing the "Home" button. iTunes will smartly remind of the fact that it has detected a device in Recovery mode. Click "OK" to restore your iPhone.

Restore iCloud

Tutorial 3: Try "Find My iPhone"

Other from the aforesaid two ways, you can try "Find my iPhone" to wipe your iPhone remotely. Furthermore, you can download iCloud backup files to your computer if you want to restore iPhone from iCloud even when you lost your iPhone data.
Step 1: Sign in your iCloud account at icloud.com/#find

i forgot my iphone passcode

Step 2: Check "All Devices" and choose your iPhone, after that click "Erase iPhone" to wipe your iPhone and its passcode as well.

iphone forgot passcode
forgot passcode on iphone

Step 3: Restore your iPhone via Setup Assistant of your iPhone

forgot my iphone passcode

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