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How to Fix Corrupted Files after Jailbreak

Jailbreaking is a good way to get more free apps for our iPad. That's why numbers of Apple users want to have their iPad jailbroken. However, after jailbreak, if you install or uninstall software on your iDevice frequently, it's possible that the system files get into corruption, which causes malfunctions on iPhone/iPad/iPod touch In this case, you can apply some iPhone/iPad data recovery program to restore your iPad after jailbreak. Besides, iTunes is also a worth recommended tool to fix corrupted files and and restore iOS devices. Here we take iPad as an example to show you how to fix corrupted files on iPad Pro/Air 2/Air/mini 4/mini 3/mini 2 after jailbreak.

Step 1. Power off your iPad and press on the power and home button simultaneously. Then, connect your iOS device to iTunes on your PC and don't release the home button until the following signal appears. Just connect your iPad to iTunes as shown.

Get iPhone into Recovery Mode

Step 2. In this way, you've entered the Recovery Mode. If you want to get out of this mode, you can refer to an article named How to Exit Recovery Mode with iTunes. Moreover, you can move to "Summary" tab. Then, click "Restore iPad" to choose the downloaded firmware to restore your iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 3/Air/mini 2.

Restore iPad Pro

Tips: You must keep your iPad connected to your PC during the whole process. Do not disconnect your iPad on the half way, otherwise, the backup might be overwritten and the data will gone forever. In addition, your iPad could be upgraded to the latest version of iOS 9 when connected to iTunes to restore it even if the model of your iOS device is old.

Fixing the corrupted files with iTunes is effective to regain your data and put them into use. Hope you can work out the problems of firmware restoring with this way and sync iOS files with ease.

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