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How to Fix a Frozen iPhone

Have this happened to you: You accidentally have your iPhone frozen and your iPhone stuck on-screen in an app or on the home screen when you are using your iPhone. And there's no response no matter which button you press. Is there any simple way to fix a frozen iPhone? The answer will be definitely yes. Now I will show you how to fix your frozen iPhone without losing any data or turning to Apple Store for help. You just need to use the excellent iPhone data manager called iPhone Data Recovery and follow the guide below.

iPhone Data Recovery is an outstanding software that can not only help you restore your iPhone contacts, SMS, photos, music, videos, and other media and text files on iPhone, but also retrieve the iPhone data after you successfully resolve the iPhone frozen issue.

Download the free trial version below to have a try.

Tutorials 1: Fix Frozen iPhone by Restarting iPhone

In this part, I will show you how to restart your iPhone:

Step 1. Turn off your iPhone by long-pressing "Power" button on your iPhone until a slider appears in the screen. Slide it to turn your iDevice off.

Slide to Power off iPhone
Step 2. Turn on iPhone by long-pressing "Power" button until you see the Apple logo.

Apple Logo on iPhone

Note: If that doesn't work, press the "Home" + "Power" button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds until you see the Apple logo.

Tutorials 2: Rescue Frozen iPhone by Updating Software

One possible reason why our iPhone freeze is that the software is out-of-date, we can solve it by updating the software of our iPhone.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to the computer.
Step 2. Launch iTunes and choose your device name in the left column.
Step 3. Go to "Summary" > "Check for Update" and wait for the end of the process.

Note: Make sure that the iTunes that you use is the latest version.

Tutorials 3: Repair Frozen iPhone by Restoring iPhone in iTunes

Now, you should reset your iPhone back to factory settings by restoring iPhone in iTunes, but this will remove your data like photos, music, videos, apps, notes and SMS on your iPhone so what you need to do first is to sync your iPhone data to iTunes. After syncing iPhone files just follow the following steps:

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to PC by using data line.
Step 2. Go to "Device" > "Summary" > "Restore" and after the restoration, your iPhone will become normal as usual now.

Tutorials 4: Recover iPhone Data with iPhone Data Recovery

In this part, I will show you how to recover iPhone data with iPhone Data Recovery. Make sure that you've backed up your iPhone data to iTunes before. Then, make sure that the latest iTunes is installed on your computer.

Step 1. Choose "Recover from iTunes Backup Files"
Download iPhone Data Recovery on your computer and install it on your computer. After that, launch it and you can choose the second recovery mode: Recover from iTunes Backup File.

Choose iTunes Backup File on iPhone

Step 2. Scan iTunes Backup Files
Choose the latest backup file you want and click "Start Scan". After that, the data in it will be automatically scanned.

Scanning iTunes Backup File on iPhone

Step 3. Preview and Recover Data from iTunes Backup Files
After scanning, you will see that all the files are shown in categories. You can choose the category you want, such as "Camera Roll" and tick the pictures you want after previewing them one by one. After the selection, you can click "Recover" to save the files on your computer.

Recover Photos from iTunes Backup File on iPhone

That's it, iPhone frozen issue can be solved with the above tutorials. If your iPhone keeps on freezing after that or goes worse, it might be the hardware problem. I am afraid that you have to go to Apple Store for a repair.

And thanks to iPhone Data Recovery, we don't need to worry that our precious iPhone data will get lost forever. Besides, you can also recover iPhone from iCloud backup or connect your iPhone to the computer to restore contents even if you haven't backup your iDevice before.

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