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How to Find Your Lost iPad

Find My iPhone was set with MobileMe which costs $99 per year but iCloud has been released to replace it. Thus, Find My iPhone/iPad is free for iOS users now. Moreover, Find My iPhone and Find My iPad are designed to track down lost iOS devices. Once you activate this feature on your iPad Air/Mini, it is possible to find your missed iDevice or remotely manage it to protect your personal data.

How to Find Lost iPad

Step 1. Activate Find My iPad
Go to "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Find My iPad" to turn on its toggle. You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password and tap "Allow".

Activate Find My iPad

Turn on Find My iPad

Notes: Location Services must be opened when you use Find My iPad.

Step 2. Find My iPad on iCloud Web Page
1. Sign in your iCloud account on www.icloud.com with your Apple ID and password. Then, select "Find My iPhone" and it requires you to enter your passcode again.

Find My iPad on iCloud Web Page

2. Click "All Devices" on the top of the interface. You can view devices with the same account. Select your desired iPad so that you can find where your lost iPad is.

Choose All Devices on iCloud

3. There are three choices offered to you on the right side of the map:
Three Options on Find My iPad

Play Sound: The sound would give out to warn the theft in order to get other people around iPad noticed. Even though it is offline, it will also work when it is turned on. Luckily, if you stay nearby, you can hear the alarm to track lost iPad.
Lost Mode: It serves as a remote controller to lock your iPad with passcode and send a message to your missed iPad, which appears on the home screen. In addition, it can pause your payment with credit card on Apple Pay for maintaining your privacy.
Erase iPad: This mode allows you remove all data on your iPad Mini/Air, so other persons cannot access your information, but it stops tracking lost iPad and even a new owner can use your iPad freely, which is suitable for preparing before selling your iPad.

Notes: If the button in front of the devices isn't green, it is offline but you also can go on to the next step.

Devices offline on iCloud

Find My iPad offline

You'd better enable Find My iPad all the time on your iPad so as to shield your iPad data from being embezzled. Unfortunately, when you forget to turn it on, to change your ID password may be proper to keep your personal data safe.

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