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How to Find Missing iTunes Radio in iOS7

iTunes Radio is a pretty good streaming music service application. However, due to its infancy, there are some errors affecting iOS device to be used. For example, some iOS devices may experience problems like the missing iTunes Radio. What can we do when this happened?
Warning: This tutorial is only for the U.S. Apple ID, and it is only available when you log in Apple ID.

find itunes radio

find itunes radio in ios7

There are two methods to find out the missing iTunes Radio. Please use Method Two when Method One fails.
Method one: Turn off "Music” App from Background.
1. Double click the Home button, enter the backstage management.
2. Find the "Music", then in the background management, slide up and turn off the application.
3. Return to main screen, open "Music" again.
This method applies to iPhone 5 iOS 7.0.2.
Method two: Set your Apple ID again, and then restart the iOS device
1. Open "Settings" , find "iTunes and App Store".
2. Click the Apple ID: in "email @ address" options, sign in and confirm iTunes Store Apple ID.

find ios7 itunes radio

3. Login Apple ID in iTunes settings.
4. Press and hold the power button until the screen appears "Slide Off", swipe it, and shutdown, finally press the power button to boot (restart the iOS device).
5. Open "Music" again to check whether it has been recovered.
Because of some reason, exiting "Music" is not sufficient enough to allow the device to identify Apple ID again, so in some cases you need to restart your phone.

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