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How to Set up and Use FaceTime on iPad

As you have bought iPad 2 or later or iPad Mini, you could find out a new app called FaceTime on your new iPad. Only with Wi-Fi, can you FaceTime on iPad with your friends. What's better, the third-generation iPad or later can be operated with cellular data plan. FaceTime allows you to contact with others through video and audio calls, so you can talk with friends face to face. However, as a new FaceTime user, how to set it up and use it on iPad maybe a problem.

How to Set up FaceTime on iPad

Method 1. Tap "Settings" > "FaceTime" to turn on ON/OFF toggle. Then, input your Apple ID and password and press "Sign in".

Set up FaceTime

Method 2. Tap FaceTime icon on the home screen. Then, log in with your Apple ID and password.

Enter FaceTime

Sign in FaceTime

Notes: If you have no Apple ID, you need to click "Create New Account" with email address. Besides, you can add more than one accounts.

How to Use FaceTime on iPad

1.After signing in FaceTime, tap "+" button on the top-right side to choose contacts.

Find Contacts on FaceTime

2.Choose a person who you want to FaceTime with. At the same time, FaceTime will ask the selected person to accept your requirement on the other end.

Select Contacts on FaceTime

3.When your call is accepted, you can talk with him/her. You also can select video or audio with tapping its icon.

Select Video or Audio on FaceTime

4.Press "End" to finish the call, while "Mute" icon to pause the call.

End FaceTime

Notes: If you have signed in FaceTime, you can receive FaceTime call anytime. Press "Accept" to receive a FaceTime call on iPad and the "Decline" means rejecting this calling.

Accept FaceTime Call

This introduction of FaceTime will let you keep in touch with your friend easily. FaceTime on iPad is a little different with that on iPhone and iPod, so you can refer to Making FaceTime with iOS Devices.

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