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How to Export Contacts from iPhone

"How can I export contacts from iPhone? My goal is to make a back up of my iPhone contacts, preferably in a printed list. Can anyone advise me of the best way to achieve this goal without making a big mess?"

"I wish to export all my iPhone contact data to a single excel worksheet. Is there a way to export iPhone contacts to CSV format?"

If you're going to change your iPhone or just want to backup your iPhone contacts, here is a simple way to export iPhone contacts as CSV or VCF file.

iPhone Transfer supports to export contacts from iPhone, along with details for each contact. What's more, it makes managing your iPhone contacts breathtakingly easy. You can use your PC keyboard to organize, edit and delete contacts quickly. Back up and export contacts onto your PC. It supports almost all kinds of iOS device, such as: iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad 2, iPod touch, etc.

Download the trial version for free and refer to the following steps to export your iPhone contacts to PC.

How to Export Contacts from iPhone

Step 1. Launch the program and connect your iPhone to PC
Once you have downloaded and installed it, please start the program on your computer. Then, connect iPhone to the computer. The program should automatically recognize the device.

iphone transfer

Step 2. Export contacts

In the left directory menu, choose the "Contacts", and check the contacts in the right list. Click "Import/Export" at the top and choose "Export Selected Contacts" or "Export All Contacts". Then, you can choose the contact format (vCard, CSV) in the pull-down list to save iPhone contacts to computer.

export contacts from iphone

Step 3. Backup iPhone contacts
For those who want to export iPhone contacts for backup, here is an easier way. Just find "Backup Contacts" on the main window when the device is connected. Click it, you can export and backup all of your iPhone contacts.

backup iphone contacts

Aside from exporting contacts from iPhone, you are provided with some more features to transfer iPhone files to PC, including photos, videos, text messages, contacts, music and so on. In a word, iPhone Transfer is designed to make backing up, transferring, rand managing all of content on your iPhone a simple task.

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