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How to Exit Recovery Mode with iTunes

Have you ever suffered from the problems of iPad getting stuck into Recovery Mode? Especially when you're updating your iPad to iOS 9 or your iTunes backup is being restored? There is no doubt that you must find ways to get out of recovery mode. A free and convenient method surely would be adopted. iTunes is such a way to help exit recovery mode for your iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 4/mini 3/Air/mini 2 with several steps.

Step 1. iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode
You can be aware of this situation, since a signal comes to you as following, which tells you your iPad is stuck into recovery mode and it is time to "Connect to iTunes".

iPad Stuck in Recovery Mode

Note: The screenshots of how to exit the recovery mode with iTunes are for iPhone 6s Plus/6s/6/5s, it will be similar for that of iPad Pro/Air 2/mini 3, just follow the below steps carefully.

After that, iTunes will detect your iPad automatically and you just need to click on "Restore".

Recovery Mode Alert on iPad Pro

Step 2. Restore your iPad
The time when you see the below interface, it means that the detection is finished. Just click "Restore iPad..." as shown below. Then, there will be a window poping up asking you if you are sure you want to restore your iPad from factory settings. Click "Restore" to confirm it.

Restore iCloud in Recovery Mode on iPad Pro

Restore iPad Pro and Update

Step 3. Restore iCloud Backup
Now, your iPad Pro will be rebooted. You will be led to the setup steps on your iPad. Just choose "Restore from iCloud Backup". Then, sign up your Apple ID and password to get the iCloud backup record. Then, choose the iCloud backup that you want.

Restore iPad Pro from iCloud Backup

Note: iCloud can only save three latest iCloud backups for you and the previous ones will be deleted automatically.

The whole process would spend some time, just wait for it patiently and make sure your iPad well connected through the process. Besides, your iPad must be charged before you operate the procedure in order to make sure the recovery mode exits successfully. If this method doesn't make it, you can try iPhone Data Recovery to get your iPad out of Recovery Mode.

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