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How to Erase All Data on iPad

Would you change your iPad when iPad Pro comes out? If you would, how will you deal with the old one, throw it away or sell it to others? No matter which way you choose, the problem of erasing all personal data on your iPad would be encountered. Can tapping "Delete" on the files on iPad remove data permanently? Of course not, to wipe all iPad data needs some attempts to complete so as to protect our privacy.

Step 1. Turn off Find My iPad
In order to protect the new owner of your iPad, it is necessary to turn off Find My iPad before you remove all data.
At first, open "Settings" and go to "iCloud" screen to find out "Find My iPad" and turn off the ON/OFF switch.

Turn off Find My iPad

However, the Apple ID and password are needed to input before you close this setting with tapping "Turn off".

Turn off Find My iPad with Apple ID

Step 2. Erase iPad Content and Settings
It is time to wipe all your personal data on iPad. Enter "Settings">"General" screen and swipe down to the bottom so as to find out "Reset". In the following screen, select "Reset All Content and Settings" and enter your iPad password.

Reset All Content and Settings

Then, a small popup will remind you to make sure to erase your iPad with selecting "Erase". or you can choose "Cancel".

Reset with Pressing Erase

Finally, you will be asked again to confirm your choice with pressing "Erase" and this action cannot be undone.

Reset with Pressing Erase Again

Notes: Before you erase all data, you'd better back up your iPad data with iCloud or iTunes so that you can regain them on another device.

It is done! All your iPad data has been removed and you won't gain them when you restart your erased iPad which seems like a new iPad.

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