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What Is the Difference Between Sync and Transfer Purchases on iTunes

iTunes is a good tool that bring us lots of convenience on purchasing and managing various types of data between iOS device and iTunes. Today, I will explain the meaning of the two words: sync and transfer. And then you will be shown the steps to sync and transfer purchases on iTunes.

Part 1: Difference Between Syncing Purchases and Transferring Purchases

Syncing and Transfering have critical difference though they are all used to manage purchases on iPad. Syncing purchases means you can copy the purchased items from iTunes Library on your computer to your iPad. It just add files in it without deleting any of your original data. While transferring purchases means you can perform the steps and transfer the purchases records from iPad to your iTunes Library on your computer.

Part 2: Steps to Sync Purchases on iTunes

1. Open iTunes and make sure you are running the latest version of iTunes.
2. Connect your iPad to the computer.
3. Tick the 5th icon on the top after your iPad connected.
4. Click the Purchases data type, for example, music. Then, tick "Sync Music" and choose to sync the entire music library or selected playlist, artists and genres to sync. After that, select "Apply" at the bottom right corner of the iTunes interface.

Set to Sync Purchases on iTunes with iPad

Note: To sync other type of purchases data, like books, apps and TV shows, you can also choose the data type and sync it with the similar steps as mentioned above.

Part 3: Steps to Transfer Purchases on iTunes

The steps to transfer purchases on iTunes are also easy.
1. Launch iTunes on your computer.
2. Connect your iPad to the computer using USB cable.
3. Choose "File" on the tool bar at the top, then select "Devices".
4. Then, choose "Transfer Purchases from XX". "XX" will be replaced by your device name.

Transfer Purchases and Click Apply

Note: Besides to transfer purchase on iTunes, iPhone Transfer can do the same job like iTunes. When you want to move purchase from iPhone to iTunes, you can use iPhone Transfer to take place of iTunes.

After we know the difference between syncing and transferring purchases, the way to sync and transfer purchases on iTunes, you can have a better understanding of how it works and how to perform it. If you have any problem, please feel free to let us know.

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