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How to Delete Music from iPad

I have iCloud and the songs have downloaded to my iPad, I want to remove some of the songs from my iPad, how do I do that?

When you buy piles of music from iTunes store and download them on your iPad, your spare time spent together with Justin Timberlake, Rihanna, Jason Mraz is supposed to be more fantastic and fulfilled than sleeping all day long. However, maybe you ignore the limited space of your iPad, you download every piece of hit songs without noticing the overloaded storage. Then, how to delete music from iPad? You might ask as the enquirer did above. Here is the answer.
iPhone Data Eraser, literally speaking, helps iPhone/iPad/iPod users to remove certain files from their devices. You can erase photos, apps, history from your iDevice.
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How to Delete Music from iPad

Step 1. Connect your iPad to computer
After downloading the iPhone Data Eraser on your computer, connect your iPad to it then, and run this program on your computer. Your iPad will be detected automatically, and you will get an interface below.
delete music from ipad
Step 2. Choose the right option on your device
You should choose the "ERASE ALL DATA ON DEVICE" option, so that you can continue the subsequent steps.
deleting music from ipad
Step 3. Delete music on your iPad
There are three choices available for you to delete your data. Among the "High, Medium, Low", you are recommended to choose the "Medium" level, which takes the moderate time in deleting. Click "Start" button to begin the processing.
delete songs from ipad
iPhone Data Eraser can help you delete Contacts, Call History, Calendar, Email, Note, Reminder, iTunes DB, App (and generated data), System setting, Voice memo, Keyboard Cache, Safari Bookmark, Passbook as well. You can permanently erase them from your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

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