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Three Ways on How to Delete iOS Backup Files

You may be a smart person who always back up your files, but you may face a trouble that the “free room” in iCloud is only 5GB. That’s not enough! Therefore, you need to delete data from iPhone to get more rooms for new backups. Sometimes, you also need to delete some damaged backup files. In this article, let us discuss how to delete iOS backup files on iPhone or iPad.

How to delete iOS backup files from iTunes

If you back up your files with iTunes, the backup files will be stored in someplace in your computer. We can delete them from iTunes directly.
Step 1. Run iTunes.
Step 2. Go to the iTunes menu and click on Preferences
Step 3. Click on the Devices icon at the top of the window and you will see the back up files that have been stored in your computer.
Step 4. Choose the back up files that you want to delete.
Step 5. Click the Delete Backup button. You will see a window as below. Click “Delete” to delete them.
Now, you have deleted them from your computer.

How to delete iOS backup files from iCloud on Mac

If you backup your iPhone in iCloud, you can also easily access these backups and delete them directly from your Mac.
Step 1. Go to System Preference.


Step 2. Click the icon of iCloud and enter into the setting panel of iCloud.


Step 3. You’ll see there are two columns in the window and in the right column you can see the specification of the storage. Click on the Manage button at the bottom right of the window. Wait a moment. This will load up all your iCloud content.

iCloud manage

Step 4. Choose the “Backups” at the left column, which will bring up all the iCloud backups at the right column. Select the iCloud backup you want to delete.


Step 5. Click the Delete button. A confirmation message will popup. Click Delete to confirm and delete the backup file once for all


Notes: If you want to delete many files, you can repeat this process.

How to delete backup files in iCloud from iOS devices

Now that we have seen how to delete backup files from iTunes and from iCloud on Mac, we are going to see how to delete backup files in iCloud from iOS devices directly.
Step 1. Open your iOS device and enter into the main window, and click “Settings”.
Step 2. After clicking iCloud, click Storage &Backup.
Step 3. After clicking Manage Storage, you will see all your iCloud backup files. Choose the one you want to delete and click it to know the details.
Step 4. Tap Delete Backup, aconfirmation popup will show up. Click Turn Off& Delete to confirm deletion.

confirm delete


The backup files in your iOS device will be deleted, but iCloud backup will turn off too. If you don’t want to backup to iCloud any more, it may be fine for you for good. However, if you do the case, make sure you go back in Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > and turn iCloud Backup on.

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