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How to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone

"I like apple products. However, as an electronic idiot, I can't get hang of many functions of powerful iPhone. I always use my iPhone to browse websites and save bookmarks. I think my iPhone overloaded. I have tried to find some way to delete them forever. Is there any useful advice?"
Don't worry too much. There is a mighty software designed to release iPhone storage and iPhone users' worry. It's iPhone Data Eraser. It can help you delete bookmarks, photos, text messages, apps, etc. on your iDevice. Your private information can be irrecoverable and efficiency of your iPhone can be improved.

Download and have a try!

How to Delete Bookmarks on iPhone

Step 1. Launch iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPhone

Download and install iPhone Data Eraser on your computer first. Then connect iPhone to your computer with a cable. And your iPhone will be detected automatically.

how to delete bookmarks on iphone

Step 2. Enter "Erase Deleted Files"

Selecting "Erase Deleted Files" and iPhone can be scanned. By default, all are selected. You can leave the icon in front of every item blank to keep those data on iPhone.

how to remove bookmarks on iphone

Step 3. Click "Erase Now"

Selected bookmarks will be erased forever if you click "Erase Now".

how to clear bookmarks on iphone

If you use iPhone Data Eraser, your iPhone will be always clean and quick because the it can not only delete bookmarks but also photos, browsing history, caches, contacts, call history,ect. Finally, I have to remind you: the data, erased by iPhone Data Eraser, will be definitely irretrievable no matter what kind of recovery software.

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