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How to Degrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.1

Apple just went through bug update of iOS 8.0.1. But now it stops verifying iOS 7.1.2 because of promoting the corrective version of iOS8.0.2. In other words, users can not go back to iOS 7.1.2  after upgrading to iOS 8.

In order to encourage users to upgrade, Apple often acts fastly to stop authorizing verification of the last version after the new one is released. But this time, not until iOS 8.0.2 was released did Apple stop it. It is slow and is obviously related to the problems of iOS 8.

iOS 8 was officially released in November 17th, but not with the new iPhone. There were about ten days before Apple blocked iOS 7.1.2.

iOS 8 supports iPhone4s or later. If you are the users who have not upgraded, you should think before you decide to do it, because you can not downgrade your system.

iOS 8 beta was released after the WWDC yesterday. It is quiet normal that iOS 8 beta is unstable and have some bugs. After all, it is only reserved for the developers. Since iOS 8 beta can not be used normally at present, it is wise for users to degrade it to iOS 7.1.1. Given that it is the first time for some uses to know iOS, I will introduce you an easy tutorial for you in this passage.

Before the process, an important thing you must realize is that this process will remove all your settings, applications and data, so it is of vital importance to backup iPhone previously. The backup files in iOS 7 can help to recover some data in iOS 8, while the backup files in iOS 8 can not do the same thing in iOS. Therefore, you’d better ensure that you have back up your iOS 7’s files in your computer or iCloud.

Degrade iOS 8 to iOS 7.1.1

Step 1. Enter into iPhone Recovery Mode.
Details: Turn off your iPhone and then connect it to the computer. Press the button “Home” until your iPhone enter into iPhone Recovery Mode.(The icons of data cable and iTunes will be shown on the screen)
Step 2. In Windows OS, run iTunes, press the button of “Shift” and click “Restore iPhone”. In Mac OS, press the button “Option”
Step 3. Find and choose the content files of 7.1.1 you have downloaded before.
Step 4. The recovery process will start. Once you have restart your device, your iPhone or iPad will have new iOS and you can recover data form your backups. Since the Apple Company shut down the system verification of older version, it can only revert to iOS 7.1.1
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