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How to Copy Music from iPhone to Computer

Lost your songs in your PC by replacing your computer or due to data corruption? Feel it necessary to have a copy of your favorite music on your PC? Unfortunately, Apple doesn't let you pull songs off an iMobile by default. So what are the alternatives when iTunes fail to meet our satisfaction? You'll probably be surprised, but with iPhone transfer, you can get this done with three simple steps.

iPhone Transfer allows you to easily upload large quantities of files ( any songs, purchased from iTunes or downloaded elsewhere ) from your device to your computer. To begin the tutorial, download iPhone Tranfer on your PC. Mac users can download and install the program to Mac.

Copy Music from iPhone to Computer

Step 1. Connect device to PC
Once you have iPhone Transfer up and running, connect iPhone/iPad/iPod to your computer with USB cable. When you see device information in the main window, you can start transferring files from your handset to your desktop.

connect iPhone to pc

Step 2. Export music from iOS device
Move your cursor to the left panel of iPhone Transfer, unfold Media tab and highlight Music on the top menu bar.  You should find all your music resources organized and ready. Click the square for each song you want to copy to your PC click the button labeled Export to > Export to PC which can be found at the upper part of the screen.

copy music from iPhone to computer

Step 3. Bakcup iPhone music to desktop
Choose a destination for your copy and Open to start transferring. Your iPhone music is now accessible on your computer.

copying iPhone music

Note: Any songs you currently have on your iPhone will likely be erased when you setup automatic syncing on iTunes. So please make sure you turn off automatic syncing in iTunes first, and use iPhone Tranfer to backup your music to computer.

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