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How to Copy Contacts from iPhone

It could be time-consuming to build a long list of contacts with all the names, photos, phone numbers and email addresses. So if you are going to change your iOS device, put copying your contacts from iPhone on the top of your to do list. We all know that both iTunes and iCloud lacking the selectively backing up features. Besides, iTunes can be a bit tricky to use if you are not careful. The good thing is you can easily do that without the use of any cloud-based services or iTunes. iPhone Transfer had the whole thing taken care of.

One great thing about using iPhone Transfer is that even if you lose your device or change to a new phone, you will never lose your important contacts. They are kept as vCard and CSV files within your computer. You can open the files in Excel to view all the iContacts on PC or Mac.

Copy Contacts from iPhone

Step 1. Connect you Apple handset to PC
You will first have to download and install iPhone Transfer on your PC or Mac. Plug in your handset to your computer via USB cable. Waite for a moment till you see a list of information related to your device displayed in the primary window.

iPhone Contacts Transfer

Step 2. Moving contacts from iOS device
Click Contacts on the left panel. Select the information that you like to copy and click Import/Export. In the drop down list, select Export All (Selected) Contacts and save them as CSV files or VCard files as your wish.

copy iPhone contacts to PC

Warm Tips: After finishing the copying process, you might want to merge duplicate contacts before transferring contacts back to your iPhone from PC. Simply highlight De-duplicate on the top menu toolbar. It is much easier to do this with iPhone Transfer than do it manually on your Apple handset.

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