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How to Use Control Center on Your iPad

Some usually used settings or apps should be placed on certain field for users to reach easily on iPad, so it could save time to operate in urgent conditions. Control Center can serves for this, if you set it as shortcut menu. For the sake of achieving some settings/apps fast, the tips below can lead you to what you want.

How to Access Control Center on iPad and Change Control Center Apps
From iPad Gestures Guide, Control Center can be accessed with sliding up from the bottom of the screen. It shows many icons on the screen, while what does everyone stand for? Some directions will present.

Control Center

Notes: To exit it, you can tap the field outside Control Center or swipe down on this area.

On the Left Side:
Music Control Music Control: To pause/play or advance/playback songs is allowed at this center.

Volume Adjust Volume Adjust: The icon on the left bottom is set to turn up/down volume by dragging the white slider.

On the Middle Part :
The settings on the middle are the same in operation. Tapping the icons once to turn on and twice to turn it off.

Airplane Mode Airplane Mode: This mode allows you not to power off iPad when boarding on airplane or stopping anything receiving.

Wi-Fi Wi-Fi: To surf internet or back up to iCloud, Wi-Fi is a must.

Bluetooth Bluetooth: You can transfer some files in short distance with it, which is only compatible with iOS devices.

Do Not Disturb Do Not Disturb: Enabling this mode can make calls, alerts, notifications silence when iPad is locked. Moreover, you can set schedule and allow certain calls from "Setting" > "Do Not Disturb".

Mute Mute: It aims to put your iPad silence, any sounds from your iPad is gone, including sounds of keyboard clicking, alerts and so on.
Notes: All of these settings can be set in details from "Setting". Control Center is merely the shortcut for on/off mode.

AirDrop AirDrop: This is another way to share your iPad contents with other with iOS devices, like locations, photos/videos, etc. When you tap it on the control center, you can view the interface as following, so you need to select "Contacts Only" or "Everyone" nearby to share with whom after turning on.

Control Center Airdrop

On the Right Side:
Brightness Brightness: In order to personalize your iPad screen-brightness, adjust the white slider to the level that is suitable for you.

Timer Timer: To tap the icon could quickly enter the app to keep time and set the time length if necessary. Moreover, you can also set alert with it.

Camera Camera: Fast access camera with touching the icon on control center, so you can take photos/videos after reaching the app.

How to Disable Control Panel on iPad
Sometimes, Control Center would appear frequently if you carelessly swipe up on iPad screen. Therefore, you can disable or change it by pressing "Settings" > "Control Center". If you do not want to access it from locked screen/within apps, tap the toggle next to " Access on Locked Screen"/"Access Within Apps".

Settings Control Center

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