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How to Connect iPad to Wi-Fi

As we know, not all iPads can support cellular data to surf the internet, while Wi-Fi can be used in all iPads, so it is a common way to surf the internet to gain more resources, like videos, music, apps, etc. Besides, if you'd like to use iCloud or download something from iTunes store, Wi-Fi is a must. How to connect iPad to Wi-Fi should be known by every iPad users, so such basic guidance will be listed below.

Part 1. Connect iPad to Wi-Fi

1. Tap “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” to turn on the ON/OFF switch next to Wi-Fi. Then, all Wi-Fi that have been searched by your iPad will be presented.

Turn on Wi-Fi on iPad

2. If you tend to join certain network, touch its name and it will show an icon as below to inform you of accomplishing connecting.

Connect to Wi-Fi on iPad

Notes: Some networks do not allow all people to connect with, so password is needed to enter.

Part 2. Connect to Hidden Wi-Fi on iPad

Some network administrators would hide their network, so you need to connect to those hidden network manually.
1. Tap “Settings” > “Wi-Fi” to scroll the ON/OFF toggle and press “Other” option on the list.

Select Other

2. Then, fill the blank with the name of hidden Wi-Fi and tap “Security”.

Tap Security to Connect to Wi-Fi

3. It is time to select the network type. You will fail to connect this network with the wrong encryption type. After that, tap “Other Network” to go back.

Tap Other Network to Connect to Wi-Fi

4. You’re required to enter the passcode of the network and choose “Join” on the keyboard.

Enter Password to Join

With the help of these two way to connect iPad to Wi-Fi, surfing the internet is available. Moreover, if you save the password of the network, you can use Control Center on iPad to turn on Wi-Fi, which brings convenience for iPad users.

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