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How to Clear Cache on iPad

Since I bought iPad, I carry it with me wherever I go. It accompanies me to spend the boring time on bus, subway because I use it to play games, chat with my friends and surf the Internet. It is my true pet now. However, recently I found it appears abnormal. It became much more slowly, even crashed and its programs unexpectedly quit. I have tried to look for powerful tools to remedy my "pet". Could anyone give me some suggestion?

Luckily, I was told to try iPhone Data Eraser to clear cache on my iPad. I downloaded and do it. After that, my pet works as efficiently as before. Of course, iPhone Data Eraser also wipes photos, videos, apps, contacts, messages, and other data from iPad/iPhone/iPod, which are not necessary. You can achieve operation efficiency and privacy protection at the same time. Moreover, it is very simple for iOS users to learn.
Download the software and have a try.

How to Clear Cache on iPad

Step 1. Install iPhone Data Eraser and connect your iPad with the computer

First, install and launch iPhone Data Eraser on your computer. Then connect iPad with the computer via a cable.The software will detect iPad automatically.

how to clear cache on ipad

Step 2. Select "Erase Private Data"

If you want to clear cache, "Erase Private Data" is the most appropriate item. Then click "Start Scan" to scan and analyze your iPad.

ipad clear cache

Step 3. Delete What you Select

After the scan finishes, choose what you want to clear. Selected data will be erased permanently after you click "Erase Now". Cache will be wiped out of iPad they no longer prevents your iPad operation.

clear cache ipad

iPhone Data Eraser is the necessity for iOS users. Its powerful function is to clear cache, photos, browsing history, caches, contacts, call history and other data, needed no more. It is an expert to make sure of efficiency on your devices. Don't forget what you delete by iPhone Data Eraser must be impossibly recovered.

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