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Three Steps to Clean “Other” in the iPhone Storage

When users using the iOS devices like iPhone, they will find that there is an option “Other” which is nearly useless and equals to what we call junk files. How can we clean them and recycle our valuable storage?

The truth of 16GB iPhone or iPad is that actually they are more like 12GB than 16GB storage. When you see your iPhone storage information, you will be unable to restrain yourself to curse the damned “Other”.

Yes, that “Other” is occupying your storage greedily, while not adding any value to your life. We have several simple methods to recycle these valuable storages.


Step 1. Delete Your Browser Cache

You probably do not know your browser storages stores large amounts of contents on your iOS devices, especially after using it for months and years, the storages can be monstrous.

Find “Safari” in the option and tap the “Clear History” and “Clear Cookies and Data” button then you can clear your Safari cache.

Chrome users can tap the button (☰) in the upper-right corner to enter the “Settings” page. In the “privacy” you can tap the “Clear Browsing History”, “Clear Cache”, or “Clear Cookies, Site Data” button to clear them separately, or tap “Clear All” to clean all of them. It will be the same procedure in other third party browsers.

delete browser cache

Step 2. Delete messages on iPhone

The photos will be stored in “Other” after you send a text messages with photo attachments. Deleting them also can helps you release the storages. It is pity that there is no simple method to delete piles of messages so you need to be careful with deleting important dialogue record.

delete old sms

Step 3. Delete voice memo

Voice memo of iOS is actually a storage-killer. If possible you can delete them all. Not only need to delete them one by one manually, but also delete them on your PC, or they will “reborn” when it syncs with your iTunes next time.

delete voice memos

You need to not only delete them one by one manually, but also delete them on your PC.

After using these methods, how large your internal storage became?

P.s. please be careful when you use those smartphone-cleaning tools. Their operating principle is forcing the system to delete “Other” through using some trick to make iPhone system consider that its storage is full. However, such a way to delete “Other” is random and it probably will threaten the safety of data that necessary to you. We used to receive feedbacks like video cache disappearing, even in-app purchase disappearing. So be careful or at least backup iPhone data by iTunes before you use them.

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