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How to Check the Warranty Status of Your iPad

Some phone users complained that it is really dangerous to get their iPad damaged, especially get water damaged and screen cracked. There may be no any clear protection plan or insurance plan, but Apple has AppleCare+/ AppleCare Plan with one-stop services and technical support. If you have bought it, you need to have a check on warranty status of your iPad.

How to Check Warranty Status of iPad

1.It is the first time to find out your serial number on your iPad. Tap “Settings”>“General”>“About”>“Serial Number”, so you can get your iPad situation to move on.

Find Serial Number

2.Move to Safari on your iPad or turn to your computer to check Apple warranty online on Apple Support and Service. Thus, you need to input your iPad serial number that you gain from your iPad.

Enter Serial Number

3.There are three options below and click one of them as you like, you can view the next interface which allows you get more details with clicking “View & edit details” as the pictures shown.

Three Service Options

View Details

4.The details about your iPad will be presented to you. Pay attention to “Technical Support” and “Service Coverage” to check whether your iPad warranty has expired. “Expired” means that you are not included to gain support and service from Apple, while “Active” means that you can enjoy the service of repairing.

Check Warranty

Follow these easy steps to be aware of your warranty status of iPad in order to let you know how to deal with your iPad when it goes wrong. Besides, if your iPad warranty has expired, you can purchase another plan to extend your coverage. Actually, when you buy a new iPad, you should think about AppleCare+ for new iPad which gives you insurance.

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