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How to Care For Your iPad

There are lots of rumors about iPad Pro, and the news about its screen has been exposed to the public again, which said that the screen of iPad Pro would be the best screen. Even though it would be the best and bring visual enjoyment to us, we need to cherish it and pay high attention to caring for the iPad screen. Actually, in addition to the screen, the battery, the shell and the external environment should be highly regarded.

Part 1. Caring for iPad Screen and Shell

As iPad screen is capacitive screen which is more acute and durable, it also needs to avoid being water damaged and cracking. Some tips are given below to protect the screen.
1. Do not put it in the sun for a long time, or in magnetic field because the capacitive screen maybe invalid.
2. Avoid dropping it on hard surfaces. Otherwise, it would be broken and influence your visual enjoyment.
3. Keep the screen clean all the time. Use soft and lint-free cloth to clean it without some glass cleaners, alcohol, etc.
4. You’d better use a screen protector. Tempered-glass screen protector can prevent your iPad screen wearing.
5. Give the shell a case/cover/sack to guard against dust or scratch.

iPad Screen Protector

Part 2. Caring for iPad Battery

Battery protection may become the most important part for some iPad users and the short span of battery of Apple product is a big headache, so you need to follow the tips to maximize the battery life.
1. Use Airplane Mode when network is not needed and Wi-Fi instead of 3G if possible.
2. Lessen battery use, for example, reduce brightness and sounds, eliminate some apps like checking mails and calendars, turning off notification. What’s more, to disable Location Services, Bluetooth and Vibrate Feature can save the battery, too.
3. Update iOS to the latest version since some updated operating system would adjust some apps to reduce the battery use.
4. Charge your iPad regularly. You need to let your iPad experience a charge circle once a month. That is to say, charge it fully and use it up at least once per month.

iPad Battery

Part 3. Caring for Home Button

iPad only has one button so it is used frequently. For the sake of protecting it, adopt many other ways to replace its function in certain cases.
1. The basic iPad gestures guidance directs us to lesson using home button. Thus, try to use multitasking. For instance, five-finger pinch can replace one-click on home button back to home screen.

Replace Home Button

2. Do not press home button as vigorously as possible unless slightly pressing is in vain.

Part 4. Placing iPad in Suitable Environment

The environmental conditions also play important roles in caring your iPad.
1. No drying your iPad with hair dryer or other heat source.
2. No moistening your iPad, so get away from water or wet area.
3. Place iPad in 32 - 95 degree Fahrenheit.

Not Put in Water

To extend your iPad lifespan, pay attention to these tips to look after your iPad. However, if you get it damaged unluckily, it is time to ask for insurance. Move to check your warranty status of your iPad Mini/Air and find out ways to work out your awkward situation.

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