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How to Capture Attractive Photos with HDR on iPad

Many photos-taking lovers are keen on capturing pictures anywhere with their portable device, like iPad Mini 3 which is easy to be carried and plays significant role in taking photos, especially its HDR feature on Camera app. Nevertheless, numerous iPad users are not familiar with HDR in its usage and function.

What is HDR?

Actually, HDR stands for High-Dynamic Range. Compared with common photos, HDR captures more details and larger dynamic range of the pictures. Thus, it offers both bright and dark elements of the photos, so when you use it, the camera would take three photos with different exposure settings. However, they would be extracted the best parts respectively to form one picture shown to us.

When should you use HDR to capture photos?

Not all scenes would be presented as attractive images by HDR. In different cases, we would better select different function to take photos.

HDR does well in :
Landscape: the spectacular scene, especially both the sky and the land included
Portraits: the photo of person, especially in the sun
Dark Scene: dim light and backlight
Those situation can be handled well since HDR can adjust the level of brightness.

HDR should be turned off in:
Moving Object: The moving scene would be obscure with HDR
High-Contrast Scenes: HDR can lesson the contrast ratio to get images not so clear.
Colorful Scene: HDR makes the colors becomes dark.

How to take photos with HDR on iPad?

1. Tap “Settings” > “Photos & Camera” to turn on HDR. Scroll down to the bottom and toggle ON/OFF switch next to “Keep Normal Photo”.

Turn on HDR

2. Open “Camera” setting on home screen and select “photo” and tap “HDR” to capture attractive pictures.

Use HDR to Take Photo

3. Preview the pictures that you took just now and you could find there are two images displayed but you only press the button once. One is original and the other is composition image via HDR.

Use HDR to Take Two Photos

Use HDR to Take Two Photos

Notes: There is only one photo kept on your iPad when “Keep Normal Photo” is off, which means the original one will not be saved.

After you have tried this way to take pictures, such useful skill can let you be a good photographer to capture attractive photos in your trip and daily life. When you have captured photos with HDR on iPad, you can back up photos from iPad to computer in order to prevent photos from losing. With you doing this, you are no longer to worry about this trouble.

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