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How to Backup Photos to iCloud Photo Library

When your iDevice is updated to iOS 8, Apple added a new function called iCloud Photo Library by iCloud Drive which can play important role in coping iPhone data. Actually, your iCloud Drive can be regarded as a cloud storage to support data saving and synchronization. Besides, you can use this app to copy pictures to iCloud Photo Library which can automatically upload photos/videos to iCloud, so you can access them on all iOS devices or www.icloud.com. If you have interest in uploading photos to iCloud photo library, just move on with us.

Step 1. Turn on iCloud
Firstly, find out “Settings” and you can see a list shown to you. Then, choose “iCloud” to turn on it.

Setting iCloud

Step 2. Open iCloud Photo Library
When you enter iCloud, move to “Photos”. If you view the interface below, turn on option for iCloud Photo Library on the top. Therefore, the photos would be uploaded automatically.

Open iCloud Photo Library

Notes: There are two options for you under the “iCloud Photo Library” : “Optimize iPhone Storage” which means it saves compressed photos to save storage, and “Download and Keep Originals” which can store original pictures but take larger storage. Thus, you can select the way to upload as you like.

So your iPhone backup is completed to iCloud Photo Library. At this moment, you can preview the uploaded images/videos that you have taken with your iDevice, on www. icloud.com after you log in the web pages and select “Photos” to see certain file you have backed up.

Preview on iCloud

Preview iCloud Phtoto Library

As you can see, iCloud Photo Library is a practical way to backup your images and videos, and you can appreciate them on both iPhone and web page on your PC.

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