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How to Backup iPhone to iTunes

Many iOS users own many important data on their iPhone and lots of data need to purchase, like music, TV shows, Books and so on. Therefore, it is necessary for them to save these files safely. Otherwise, they need to redownload these data or lose some data off iTunes Store and it wastes time. However, iTunes backup can solve problems of saving iPhone files. So, let's follow this comprehensive backup solution.

Step 1. After downloading and installing iTunes, you need to connect your iDevice to computer. Then, select "Summary" to enter the interface below. Choose "This computer" and "Back Up Now" on the right side.

iTunes Backup Choice

Step 2. At this moment, iTunes will detect whether your iPhone data is corresponding with iTunes Library. Once your purchased records do not exist in iTunes Library, two following popups will appear.
If you want to back up apps which are not currently in your iTunes library, press "Back Up Apps". If not, click "Don't Back Up Apps". At the same time, you are also asked to "Transfer Purchases" from iPhone to iTunes library, which are installed on iPhone but not in iTunes.

iTunes Backup Apps

iTunes Transfer Purchases

Tips: If you refuse to backup apps and transfer purchases, you cannot restore them when losing.

Step 3. You may wait for several minutes which depends on your iDevice storage. When it is finished, you can view the backup record with clicking "Edit" > "Preferences" > "Devices".

iTunes Backup Files

Notes: You'd better tick "Prevent iPods, iPhones and iPads from syncing automatically" since iTunes may sync your iOS device so that some data you need may be erased.

Just in a short time, your iPhone photos, contacts, calendars, emails, messages, Safari, etc. can be backed up to your computer via iTunes, you can get more details in About backups in iTunes. iTunes is contributed to backing up iDevice so that iOS users can apply it to save vital data conveniently. However, once iTunes can’t recognize device, you can look for others way to back up files. For example, the third-party software calls iPhone Transfer. You can use it to help you back up your iPhone.

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