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How to Backup Data on Locked iPhone

I changed my screen / log on password and have forgotten it and am wondering how best to recover the password or reset it to a new one? I tried what I had thought I changed it to though the system locked me out and it is now saying "Connect to iTunes" which I did and am not finding anything to reset it. Who can give me a hand on backup my data on locked iPhone? Thanks in advance!

It is really a pity! Forgetting the password of iPhone means your iPhone becomes totally trashy. Fortunately, there still are chances for you to backup all your iPhone data, even though it is locked.
In other words, you can apply the iPhone Data Recovery to solve this problem. If you have trusted your iPhone to a certain computer before, once you run iPhone Data Recovery on this computer and connect your iPhone to it, then it might skip the step of entering your password of your iPhone. To be more precise, iPhone Data Recovery is a powerful software which can do you a favor in accessing your iPhone, previewing and recovering your contacts, messages, photos, videos, notes, call history and any other contents if your iPhone. Besides, it is compatible with iPhone 7/7 Plus, no matter what version of iPhone you own, it can treat them equally and solve it.
Download the free and trial version to have a try!

Tutorials 1: Backup Data on Locked iPhone Directly

Step 1. Connect your iPhone to computer and scan
First, Connect iPhone 7/7 Plus to the computer and launch the program. It will detect your device automatically. It will show you the window below. Then click "Start Scan" to scan your device. If your iPhone model is iPhone 4/3GS, please choose "Advanced Mode" at the corner of the window.
recover data from locked iphone
recover deleted files from iphone
Note: You can recover deleted photos, videos, messages, contacts, etc. from iPhone 4/3GS directly. If your iPhone is iPhone 6s/6s Plus/6/6 Plus/5s/5c/5/4s, it supports to recover Messages, Contacts, Call History, Calendar, Notes, Reminders, Safari Bookmark from iPhone directly.

Step 2. Preview and recover deleted data from iPhone
When finishing Scanning, it will show you all found data and files in categories as below. Just choose the deleted data you want to recover, and preview one by one. After that, you can restore them to computer by clicking "Recover" Button.
unlock a locked iphone 4
It is at your will, if you want to recover all of them, mark them all and click "Recover" to save them on your computer with one click.

Note: Data found here includes deleted data and those still on your iPhone. If you only want back your deleted ones, you can refine the scan result by using the slide button at bottom to only display deleted items. Mark them and press "Recover" button to get them back.

Tutorials 2: Backup Locked iPhone Data from iTunes

Step 1.Choose the suitable iTunes backup files
Launch the data recovery for iPhone on your computer, and you will get the interface as follows. Choose the device type for yours.Do not connect and sync your device with iTunes during the progress, or your iTunes backup will be updated and your previous data will be overwritten.
recover data from locked iphone

Step 2.Preview and perform iPhone data recovery

After the scanning, all the backup file are listed and displayed in categories. You can preview each of them and decide which one to recover at your disposal.

unlock locked iphone 4

Tutorial 3: Backup Locked iPhone Data from iCloud

Step 1.Install the program and sign your iCloud account
Please run iPhone Data Recovery and choose "Recover from iCloud Backup File", directly sign in your iCloud account as it requires.
how do i unlock my iphone 4
Step 2.Download and export your iCloud backup
After entering the program, you are provided the backup files of your iCloud backup account automatically. Choose a certain file that you want to recover by clicking "Download" button. The whole progress of downloading depends on the amount of your data.
how to unlock locked iphone 4
When it's complete, click the same button to start extracting, and you'll get a interface as below.
how to unlock locked iphone 4

Step 3.Preview and restore iPhone from iCloud
You can take a preview of calendar you get after the scanning, besides, you can also check other data, such as contacts, photos, messages, notes, videos, etc. You can choose any one of them that you'd like to restore by ticking it.
how to unlock a locked iphone 4
When the lost files are recovered, you can keep your contacts, text messages, photos, videos, calendar and notes on your computer as a backup, to avoid losing your data the next time.

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