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How to Back up iPad to iTunes

Before we upgrade our iPad to the new iOS 9, we'd better back up our iPad to keep the data safe. To backup iPad to iTunes, one useful iPad data backup tool that helps will be iPhone Transfer. It helps you transfer and back up all iPad files to iTunes with ease.

iPhone Transfer is not only a useful iPad data transfer tool, but also a mighty backup program for iOS users. With iPhone Transfer, you can easily back up music, ringtones, movies, podcasts, iTunes U, TV Shows, music videos, voice memos, audio books, books and playlists in batches.

Download iPhone Transfer on your computer and have it a try on how to back up iPad to iTunes:

How to Back Up iPad Pro to iTunes

Step 1. Install iPhone Transfer on PC
Backing up iPad to iTunes is not that complex. First of all, download and install iPhone Transfer on your computer. Then, launch it. And you will be asked to connect your iPad to the computer to have your iPad detected.

Launch iPhone Transfer

Step 2. Backup iPad Data to iTunes
Then, as you can see in the screenshot above, there are several icons provided for choice at the bottom of the main interface. Choose "to iTunes" and the program will start scanning your iPad. After that, the data types including music, ringtones, movies, books, playlists and more will be scanned out. You just need to click "Start" to move on to the backup process.

Back Up iPad to iTunes

Copy iPad to iTunes as Backup

Note: If you want to backup part of these data. For example, you want to back up movies from your iPad to iTunes, you can choose "Media" > "Movies", choose the movies you want and "Export to" > "Export to iTunes Library" to have the movies you just chose backed up to your iTunes.

Back Up Movies from iDevice to iTunes

That's it. What's more, you can also transfer music from iPad to iTunes with iPhone Transfer to get the music backed up to your iPad Pro. Not only the latest iPad Pro, but also those iOS devices that runs from iOS 6 to iOS 9 are supported with this iPhone backup software.

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