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How to Back up and Restore Your iPad Using iCloud

iCloud supplies a comprehensive platform for iPad users to share your personal data among various iOS devices. Compared with iTunes, you can do iCloud backup wirelessly but network is a must so you can back up your iPad files anywhere with Wi-Fi. However, you’d better ensure your iPad with iOS 5 or later. Otherwise, iCloud may not work for your iPad.
iCloud can support lots of kinds of data including music, photos, videos, apps data, messages, contacts, calendars, notes, reminders, etc. iCloud overview can give iPad users more direction to what iCloud backs up.

How to Back up iPad to iCloud

1.Tap “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Backup” to turn on ON/OFF toggle next to “iCloud Backup” in which you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password.

Turn on iCloud Backup

2.Select “Back Up Now” to back up your iPad data. The interface below shows the processing bar of backing up.

Backing Up iCloud File

Notes: This process of backing up requires your iPad to plugg in, lock, and connect with Wi-Fi.

3.Preview the backup file with moving to “Settings” > “iCloud” > “Storage” > “Manage Storage”, and choosing a file in “BACKUPS” list.

Manage Storage

Preview iCloud Backup

Notes: iCloud only supports 5G storage, so if it is not enough, you can pay for larger storage. Moreover, the lateset backup file will cover the oldest one, when the number of backup files is over three.

How to Restore iPad from iCloud

Method 1. Restore iCloud Backup Directly

After you power on your new iPad or reset your iPad, the settings requires you reset the location, language and so on. Simultaneously, you can restore from iCloud backup files.

Choose “Restore from iCloud Backup” and log in with the same Apple ID and passcode as the one that you used to back up before. All backup files are listed to you. Select the latest one to restore.

Restore from iCloud Backup Choose iCloud Backup

Method 2. Retrieve iCloud Backup with iPhone Data Recovery

In addition, if you want to recover iPad, iPhone Data Recovery is specialized for iDevice users. It offers three methods for user to get back iPad data, one of these is using iCloud backup to recover iPad data. Simply you sign in your iCloud account and choose the data what you want by clicking "download" button. After the data is recovered, you can tap "Recover" button and then the recovery is completed. For this way, iPhone Data Recovery is different from other method as it supports selectively recovery and preview.

iCloud Backup Files

Therefore, no matter you have no backup data, iPhone Data Recovery can help you to recover data. Providing that you are in need of finding a suitable and practical software to help you recover photos, videos, contacts from your iPhone, iPhone Data Recovery is your final appeal beyond doubt.

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