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How to See Which Apps Are Draining Your Battery on iPad

When you upgrade your iPad operating system to iOS 8, there is an new function on your iPad, which can give you access to check your battery usage. At this point, you can reasonably manage your apps according to their battery usage to maximize the battery life span. Let's come to follow how to check those apps draining battery on your iPad Air/Mini with the newest iOS.

How to See the Apps Draining Battery on iPad

Step 1. Tap “Settings” > “Battery” to gain the screen as below. All apps draining your iPad battery are displayed to you.

iPad Battery Condition

Notes: In most cases, you can view percentage of the battery remaining on iPad home screen. That is because you have turned on the ON/OFF toggle next to “Battery Percentage”. Thus, if you turn off, you cannot gain battery status on home screen.

Turn off Battery Status Bar

Step 2. There are two ways to let you choose to view apps that drains your iPad battery. “Last 24 Hours” on left of the “BATTERY USAGE” list would demonstrate that those apps took up battery usage in the last day, while “Last 7 Days” can present the percentage of the battery usage of apps in the last week.

View Apps Draining Battery

Notes: When you tap the icon above the percentage of the apps, the time of those apps on the screen will be displayed.

View Apps Time Usage

It is simple to be aware of the condition of your iPad battery usage but there are many iPad users would take no notice of this features. It seems a small feature, but gives us a direction to care for iPad battery better.

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