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What is Apple's iCloud Keychain and how to use it?

We all know that iCloud Keychain helps us manage the password on our iPhone/iPad and more, however, most of users do not have a well comprehension of this function. We will introduce you everything about iCloud Keychain.

Tutorial 1: What is iCloud Keychain?

Before we introduce how to use iCloud Keychain, we need to know what it is. We believe that many people are vexed about inputting the password again and again when they use iOS devices, such as user names, account password or credit card password. To solve this problem, Apple gives us iCloud Keychain. Not only helping you memorized the password, the iCloud Keychain can also help you to create a complicated password so that Safari can automatically input the information when you need to input password in Safari.

Tutorial 2: How to use iCloud Keychain

Go to "Settings" > "iCloud" > "Keychain", then, you will see "iCloud Keychain" shown. Turn on the toggle to enable it.

Enable iCloud Keychain

Note: To disable it, you can just turn the toggle off.

Tutorial 3: How to Generate Passwords with Keychain

Step 1. Launch Safari on your iPhone.
Step 2. Go to the website that you want to sign up for an account.
Step 3. Fill in the information that needed and tap on the password field. Then, a pop up will appear and you just need to tap on "Suggest Password".
Step 4. Tap on "Use Suggested Password" and the system will help you generate a strong password.

Use Suggeste iCloud Keychain Password

Come on, try use iCloud Keychain to generate password for you when you are going to sign up for an account on your iPhone Safari. Besides, this also works on your iPad Pro that runs iOS 10. Just try it, please.

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