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How to Airdrop from Mac to iPad

How do I copy pictures from Mac to my iPad. I do not want to sync, only copy certain pictures from various events to my iPad.

That is the question from discussions.apple.com. iTunes may be the first choice crossing your mind, but the users don't want to sync, so here a smart sharing assistant, called AirDrop, can help. AirDrop was designed to share files among Macs firstly and for transferring between Mac and iOS devices then. For the sake of working out the puzzle of the questioner, follow the steps below to AirDrop from Mac to iPad Mini/iPad Air.

Part 1. How to Enable AirDrop on Mac

1.Click "Finder" on your Mac and select "AirDrop" on the left sidebar.

Click AirDrop on Mac

2.Press "Contacts" or "Everyone" after "Allow me to be discovered by".

Enable AirDrop on Mac

Notes: Selecting "No one" option aims to turn off your Mac AirDrop.

Part 2. How to Share Files from Mac to iPad

AirDrop allows you to transfer lots of kinds of files from Mac, but here photo sharing will be an example to tell you how to share contents with it.
Solution 1. Drag Files to iPad in AirDrop
1.Move to "Finder" > "AirDrop" on the left, so that you can view those iOS devices using AirDrop nearby.

Click AirDrop on Mac

2.Choose a photo or several photos that you'd like to share. Then, drag them into certain name of iPad shown on your screen.That it is after the receiver select "Accept" on iPad.

Accept AirDrop on iPad

Notes: If the receiver refuses to accept the photos, you can get the signal as below.

Decline Request

Solution 2. AirDrop Contents from Mac
1.Open the ideal photos and right-click on the files to select "Share" > "AirDrop".

Share with AirDrop

2.There are some iOS users appearing on the interface given to you to choose, so click the name of the person to share with. When it is finished when you press "Done" option.

Sent with AirDrop

Notes:If you cannot find the iOS devices presented, click "Don't see who you are looking for" to check.

Cannot Find Devices

Notes: If you are unable to connect to the Internet or search the other party on Mac and iPad, you can transfer data from Mac to iPad via iPhone Transfer, because the whole operation doesn't need to use the Internet.

There are also some limitation for using AirDrop to share files between Mac and iPad. Firstly, your Mac must be with a 2012 or later model with OS X Yosemite. Besides, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth of both Mac and iPad should be turned on. What's more, your Mac version cannot be Mac Pro (Mid 2012) because to airdrop from Mac and iOS is not permitted. Thus, before using AirDrop, it is better to confirm your Mac version and iPad version lest you may waste time in this sharing.

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