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How to Airdrop an App on iPad

In WWDC 2013, iOS 7 brought AirDrop which owns a powerful feature and the only one feature of sharing contents among iOS devices. App, as one of the contents that can be shared, gives chances for iOS users to airdrop their favorite apps on iPad/iPhone. Especially when you find out a good app or a game on iPad and want to share it with your friends, it is apparent that AirDrop is an expert at sharing apps and games.

How Do You AirDrop an App

1.Open "App Store" on your iPad home screen.

App Store on iPad

2.Search the app that you like or tap the app directly if you notice it on the entering screen. Then, select "Share" button on the upper-right corner of the app introduction interface.

Share App on iPad

3.Choose "AirDrop" to let it display the iDevices nearby. When the ideal device appears on the screen, tap it to share the app.

Select Person to Share App

Notes: In this way, once AirDrop doesn't show the devices, go to Control Center to check whether you turn on AirDrop or Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are available.

4.It is done when "Sent" character sits under the name of acceptor.

Finish Sharing App

Notes: Actually, the recipient will see the app page on his iPad/iPhone suddenly after you have sent it. Nevertheless, this process merely can transfer the app page but not the all app data so if the recipient tends to use it, to download it or to purchase it is a must.

Receive App Page

With this way, you can also transfer your old data to your new iPad/iPhone. You can share apps/photos/videos,etc. between your old and new devices but AirDrop is proper for transferring one kind of data at a time. Therefore, as you need to transfer lots of files, you'd better hire iTunes to back up your iPad data, including apps.

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