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How to Add Your E-mail Account to Your iPad

I believe that most of you have more than one email account, Gmail, Yahoo, Mail, Inbox, Outlook, and so on. Today, I will show you how to add different E-mail account on your iPad and set POP 3 email.

Part 1. How to Add Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo Email

Step1. Go to "Mail, Contacts, Calendar" interface
To add email account on your Android, you need to hold your iPad on your hand and click "Settings" > "Mail, Contacts, Calendar".

Choose Mail Contact Calendars

Step 2. Add Email Account
Then, you will see the below window, click "Add Account" on the right side.

Add Account on iPad

Step 3. Choose Email Application
After that, different types of choices are supported, iCloud, Exchange, Google, Yahoo, Aol, Outlook, and so on.

Choose And Add Account

Step 4. Set Up Yahoo Account on iPad
Take Yahoo for example, when the "Yahoo" chose, you will be asked to enter your name, email, password and description.

Add Yahoo Mail on iPad

Tap "Next" on the top right corner of the pop-up and your Yahoo is added.

Sign in Yahoo Mail on iPad

If you use other email client, such as Inbox, which are not mentioned above, you can read the second part below to add POP3 email.

Part 2. Set POP3 Email on iPad

POP is short for Post Office Protocol. It stands for a protocol that used to retrieve email from mail server. Tough some email applications can use the IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol), most email applications use POP protocol. There are two versions, POP2 and POP3. POP2 requires SMTP to send messages and POP3 can be use.
There are two versions of POP. The first, called POP2, became a standard in the mid-80's and requires SMTP to send messages. The newer version, POP3, can be used with or without SMTP.

First of all, get your email address, password, incoming IMAP server and outgoing POP server prepared.

Step 1. Enter "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" Interface
Repeat the operations of Part 1 Step 1 and Step 2 that mentioned in the previous paragraph.

Step 2. Choose "Other" Email Application
If you use XX@inbox.com which is not shown in the below interface, you can tap "Other" below.

Choose Other Mail on iPad

Step 3. Add Mail Account on iPad
After tapping "Other", choose "Add Mail Account" on the top.

Add Mail Account on iPad

And you will get a window asking you to add "Name", "Email", "Password" and "Description" of your inbox. Then, tap "Next".

Add New Account on iPad

Step 4. Add Incoming Server and Outgoing Server
As you've added your inbox email, name and password, you will be shown the screenshot as below to fill the incoming server and outgoing server. Then, tap "Next".

Incoming and Outgoing Server on iPad

Note: To know the incoming server and outgoing server, you can check this POP3 Email Setting FAQ list.

That's it. After reading this tutorial, it may become as simple as a piece of cake to add your different types of email account on your iPad. Please feel free to leave us messages to show your own opinion. If you want more basic setting tips for iPad, you can check. If you want other iPad tips which are not mentioned in this list, please add them in comment. Your feedback will always be welcomed.

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